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Personal Stylist | Fashion Consultant

• Personal Stylist: is the professional whoknows about fashion, and trends, which has as his aim, help people take care of their look, preparing their  wardrobe and translating the personality of the person into their garments, that all in an individual way and valuing the uniqueness of each one.
He also assists in cases of social events, parties, dances, so that the costume is always the most appropriate possible for the event.

 Why me:
As a PS, I do not believe that the best solution is to throw all the wardrobe in the trash and buy new stuff. On the contrary, my proposal is to make a general reading of all parts of the closet and try on them build looks that are what the person looks for and is consistent with the physical type and personality of the person, always aiming at the lowest possible expense. I think it also is important to assist not only in the beauty of clothing but also around a skin care and makeup tips even for men helping to develop and enhance the natural beauty without damage and stress to the body.

• Fashion Consultant: works the same as the Personal Stylist, what changes is that the PS works individually with people, as the consultant works with the visual of a group or site, be it a company store, group of employees or even the visual organization of a party.

 Why me:
In fashion consulting, I try to highlight, That is,  bring to life the positive attributes and as far as possible correct and make the negative ones right. I always show an impeccable aesthetic and leave the set always the most harmonious as possible. After all, fashion is a set of factors that when properly united becomes a work of art.

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