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Abiss Interior presents  Minime Series IV skybox.
MS IV is just perfect if you like minimal/modern design.  This is a multipurpose building, therefore  it can be used as a residential or commercial prefab.

Minime Series IV Skybox:

Footprint / dimensions: 18 x 39.5
Prim count: 30
Permissions: Copy/Mod

* Mesh behavior allows this prim count, we have checked with Linden Lab support team and behavior when you add script in mesh structure, it sometimes raises prim count. Thus, until you use save option from rezer box, you will have more prims showing then actual count. ( in plain language, when you make mesh build of any type, prim count  may raise when you drop script into contents of that mesh, not always, but its normal says LindenLab).

In case of this structure, its low prim may also increase significantly if you unlink all prims, which is also normal cause mesh works that way.

*  Baked textures- shadows aren’t  on separated prims
*  Prefab editing isn’t recommended, however if you really feel like editing the house just rez another copy if you’re not happy with result.

*  Comes with all set up instructions

Store Location –


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