Skybox Abiss in MESH – Abiss The Attic Skybox

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– Basic version:

Footprint: 35 x 32 m

** Minimum parcel size required: 1024 sq. meters

Prims: 45 (38 without furniture)

– Double size version:

Footprint: 35×47

Prims: 89 (75 without furniture)

** Minimum parcel size required: 2048sq. meters due to its footprint

Furniture included:
Craddle chair – 6 relaxing animations
FloatBed – 10 different animations laying, chill out – for 2 avatars (no cuddles/no sex)
Lamps, drapes and other details are built in as structure parts (shadow for those stays if removed)

Also packed are 2 additional bonus versions, (basic and double) but without furniture.  (same but without cradle chair and float bed and matching shadows)

Rezzing instructions:

When you get package, inside are 4 different skybox versions (names are self explanatory)
Rezz the rezzer box of preferred package. Look on its top. You’ll see layout relative to rezzer box orientation, and marked location of rezzer box relative to structure. Choose rezz and structure and furniture will come out. Position as you please. Save and delete rezzer box when satisfied.

Store Location –


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