LOTM 42 ~ by Talissah Xenga

   |  AVENUE S/S Fashion Week 2013 |

…the definitive spring/summer fashion event
Bloom in style
31st March – 6 April 2013


AVENUE is proud to present the inaugural AVENUE S/S FASHION WEEK 2013.

Having been a part of Second Life for five years, AVENUE unceasingly evolves and grows, in order to continually be able to support and showcase creative and cutting edge Fashion Designers.


Wearing:  {.:Ozi:.}VINTAGE MINI bodice-NON Rigged-TEAL LEATHER + Lush*Limited Ol’Navy (dark)

With this in mind AVENUE S/S FASHION WEEK 2013 aims to produce a week of shows that support both the newer BLOOM and the established VANGUARD Designer. Climaxing in a unique Haute Couture show, where some of the best fashion artists in Second Life, showcase one exclusive, exquisite piece.


Wearing:  *SoliDea FoliEs* Francesca


Entail all those designers who have been in the industry for less than a year, with very little projection in the industry. Talented and skilled, the Bloom designers will get an opportunity to showcase their collection in the biggest fashion event of the season.

Wearing:  Ariskea// F l e u r i e mesh dress//


Composed of established designers, the doyennes of the Second Life Fashion industry will unveil their much anticipated Spring/Summer Collections


Wearing:  [ZE] Clarice {ABSTRACT}


This special event will close AVENUE S/S Fashion Week. Debuting unique and exquisite creations from twenty of Second Life’s most creative designers. These will be sold directly after the event has ended.

View The Trailer / tinyurl.com/chre9ny


Wearing:  Countdown.I see your jealousy Gown~Haute Couture


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