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The following guidelines are provided to help you plan your Expo Exhibit within the event’s requirements.  The requirements are determined as to be as lag friendly as possible and also keeping in tune with the overall atmosphere of the Expo that we want to achieve.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.


Exhibitors will be able to enter the Expo grounds, no later than 12:01am on May 21st, and will have two days to setup, before the Press Sneak Peek on May 23rd.  The Expo will open at noon on May 24th, so pre-planning and pre-building is advised.  An Expo Exhibitor group tag must be activated in order to be able to get on the sims for setup.  The Expo closes at 9pm SLT June 2nd and all prims must be picked up no later than 5pm SLT on June 3rd, or they will have to be returned.


Upon arrival for setup, each Exhibitor space will be clearly marked, and will have a walkway on at least three sides.  There will be no other structure on your display space.. you are free to build as you like.  Displays must be contained within the boundries of the walkways, including any signs placed.  (Note: there will be flat board samples in your Exhibitor’s Packet that will reflect the sizes of the Expo display spaces that can be used in pre-building.)


 Fountain:  A.V. Fountain Octagonal

Bed:  Scarlet Creative Bed – White

Localization Stores: http://slhomeandgardenexpo.wordpress.com/2012-exhibitors/expo-entertainment-map/


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