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Tadeu Gartner - 06.02.2015

亗 Wearing:


Hair: HOMAGE — Count Contessa : Coffees @ Cosmopolitan
Eyepatches: C L A Vv. Simple Belted Eyepatches @ ROMP presents Fresh
Sleeves: C L A Vv. Leather Band Sleeves @ ROMP presents Fresh
Fur: GizzA – Fur Stole / Men [Gray] @ The Mens Dept
Shirt: Wonton: Cotton Nothing Tshirt / White @ The Mens Dept
Pants: Wonton: Cotton Panel Joggers / White @ The Mens Dept
Sandals: ..::ILLI::.. Connor Sandals – deluxe (New!!!)
Clutch: [.LAYOVER.] Diner Clutch-Donut (Lemon) @ The Showroom



Hair: [monso] My Hair – Matthew /Regular Pack 1 @ The Mens Dept
Scarf: Shakeup! Plaid Scarf [02] @ The Showroom
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Adinkra (New!!!)
Pants: [ Excellence ] Jeans_WMA_Blue1 (New!!!)
Brief: [ Excellence ] Briefs_WMA_Black3 (New!!!)
Sandals: ..::ILLI::.. Sean Sandals – deluxe (New!!!)

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