Accepting new sponsors for my blog – TADEU GARTNER

Accepting new sponsors for my blog - TADEU GARTNER

Hello Designers ㋡
I’m looking for new sponsors for my blog.
I have 10 available space for new bloggers groups – brands male I shall be very happy to share their new releases created by wonderful talent of each.
If you want to get publicity for your brand in the columns of my blog. Please send in your world to TADEU GARTNER Logo + Landmark of your store through the NOTECARD que so I can add my blog in your Brand.

Fashion Blogger: Please send to me all Group Blogger / New Releases That You I like you to review for my blog, eve if I’m offline because I will accepct it, And Also send to me an Im to let me know you send que to me.

✌ Features & Info:
― Blog since February 8th, 2012.
03 years of existence & 04 post per week

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Thank so much everyone who admire my work a blogger. This is a work of social marketing in what I love to dedicate myself Whenever.

✉ In-world IM or notecard: Tadeu Gartner


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