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Featured: Modulus, Signature, GUTCHI & ChicChica

亗 Credits:

☰ Phisique ―
Evolution Head | LeLUTKA Jon Head 3.1
Hair | Modulus – Lent Hair – Browns
Mesh Body | [Signature] Davis – Mesh Body – v1.0 (NEW!!!)

☰ Clothing & Accessories ―
Underpants | [Signature] Noche – Underpant Short – Grey (Davis) (NEW!!!)
Socks | [Signature] Noche – Socks Long – White (Davis) (NEW!!!)
Slider | GUTCHI – Fleece Sliders @ ACCESS Event
Tea | :::ChicChica::: Peach tea dispenser @ Cosmopolitan Event

Davis Body
Our latest realistic male mesh body

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