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   If you are looking for an avatar with team spirit and entrepreneur is the correct profile / image is the soul of business. Here you can learn a little more about my professional skills – Welcome to the world of Fashion!
Do not hesitate to contact me directly send IM, notecard or an e-mail when I’m not online. I do not bite – can talk to me !

SL Professional Runway & Print Model ― Personal Stylist for hiring

Available (inSL) to: Fashion shows, Fashion week, Events, Fairs, Limited Baazar, Production, Magazines, Judge, Charity show, The Fashion Institute, Modeling Tutelage & Academy.

“ ― Who am I ? ”
☰ SL Industry Icon
☰ SL Personal Stylist
☰ SL Fashion Blogger
☰ SL Personal Shopper
☰ SL Modeling Instructor
☰ SL Model of The Year Awards
☰ SL Professional Model & Runway Coach

Office Hours: Due to my work, I’m dedicating to Second Life only on weekends “full time” (TBA).


SL Professional Model & Runway Coach
Experienced with Virtual Fashion Industry


― Come see modeling classes with the best professionals and most successful on the Second Life !

♪ Classes administered in VOICE and archived via Live Events – YouTube for each student.

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➠ The learning program for Modules
( Each course is approximately 02h 30m )
Certificate delivery at the end of the course.

Versus High Modelling Institute |
Application here ― by shena Neox

 Ferosh Fashion Institute |
Application here ― by sinontherocks Resident

One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy |
Application here ― by Ponchituti Boucher

 MISS SL Academy |
Application here ― by Marcusgay Lefevre

The schedule for the classes will be sent by me.
After an academy assistant contacts you to clarify your questions.
✉ E-mail:

Also, working self-employed out of Academies & Faculty!
| Consulting Service offered to Fashion Lovers |

Application for Customers | Private Training:
Click here to see my Rates

Shapes Custom | Symmetry:
Customize or Adjust your body

― If offline, please contact:
inSL | via Notecard
inFacebook | via In-box

TG VOUCHER ― Services Provided

Click here
and make your reservation!

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◢ Calendar of availability:    (#Hire me!)

At the top right of your screen in tab COMMITMENTS on link above – you will have an overview of all of my detailed schedule. Check if there is enough time to meet need for your enterprise.

❝  – If you can not win, become a Legend ! ❞
RuPaul Andre Charles

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