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It will be a dynamic summary that extends my know-how to all people who are interested in working on self-knowledge and seek to represent their authenticity in Second Life. Read carefully the contents of this page and you will find all the necessary information about the services provided by me.
The appreciation of each person offers me the professional guidance to stimulate and teach the present values through the interaction between avatars, from simulation to real and social life.

♪ How to say my legacy name?

❝ ― 𝐢𝐭 Boy ! ❞
☰ SL Industry Icon
☰ SL Personal Stylist
☰ SL Fashion Blogger
☰ SL Digital Influencer
☰ SL Personal Shopper
☰ SL Modeling Instructor
☰ SL Professional Model & Runway Coach

[⚑] Features & Info –


Office Hours: From Monday to Friday starting of 12:00 “noon” until 06:00 PM – Based on Second Life Time. Saturdays and Sunday full time (TBA).

Greenwich Mean Time
Daylight Saving Time: BRST = GMT-2

Greenwich Mean Time (without DST)
Standard Time: BRT = GMT-3
Does not operate Daylight Saving Time


SL Professional Model & Runway Coach
Experienced with Virtual Fashion Industry


― Come see modeling classes with the best professionals and most successful on the Second Life !

♪ Classes administered in VOICE and archived via Live Events – YouTube for each student.

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➠ The learning program for Modules
( Each course is approximately 02h 30m )
Certificate delivery at the end of the course.

📅 Versus High Modelling Institute |
Application here ― by shena Neox

📅 Ferosh Fashion Institute |
Application here ― by sinontherocks Resident

📅 One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy |
Application here ― by Ponchituti Boucher

📅 MISS SL Academy |
Application here ― by Marcusgay Lefevre

The schedule for the classes will be sent by me.
After an academy assistant contacts you to clarify your questions.
✉ E-mail:

Also, working self-employed out of Academies & Faculty!
| Consulting Service offered to Fashion Lovers |

📋 Customer Service ¹ –
SL Personal Stylist & Purchasing Advisory:

📋 Customer Service ² –
SL Shape Maker:



Innovation through HUD UNPACK for information on the services provided.

Contact me:
🖂 When OFFLINE, by dropping me a NOTECARD
☏ Server for group Chat/Voice through the DISCORD

NOTE ― All information provided will be professionally managed with the utmost privacy and discretion.

TG VOUCHER ― Services Provided

 choose the service you want to hire?

Read before hiring ―

Through the purchase of my services as SL Personal Stylist & Mentor you agree to the following contract:

After your purchase, please let me know in-world on Second Life via Instant Message or dropping me a Notecard of that service hiring made by SL Marketplace or filling the online Spreadsheet;


There will be a contract of service and schedule so we can better serve you. If, you happen to not attend the day and time agreed. Which means non refundable the amount paid for the hours or days lost.

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This VOUCHER represents the payment through the SL Marketplace.
This will guarantee the financial transaction history of your purchase by contracting my services as SL Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper.

Communication and confirmation of our contract from this reservation.
This method, our next step is to schedule our meeting!
(You will be communicated only to TADEU GARTNER after your Payment).

█ ▌█ ▌  TG ― Policies/Procedures/FAQ:    ▌█ ▌█

▌Remotely monitoring conversations, posting logs, sharing photos and/or video without consent are all Prohibited (Read to TOS ― TERMS OF SERVICE);

▌I do not offer free tips, my job requires hours of dedication and for this reason, I have my fees;

▌After hiring my services, we will have an agenda to be fulfilled. Prior communication is the key word for unforeseen events and essential for us to make progress;

▌For better clarification, my prices the calculation is based on the estimated time that I can donate myself in front of the computer, offering the best of myself for your request/hiring;

▌All information received is Strictly Confidential and Credited to YOUR NAME, we will be completely professional in this regard;

▌I’m not interested in knowing people’s lives, I hate gossip, drama and fake people;

▌Live your choices on the Second Life and stay away from DRAMA;

▌Be aware of my Culture and Language, respect me to be respect;

▌Do not ask me for borrow L$ (money) for assignments during our office hours. Be aware of having your own investment;

▌You will not see my name involved or exclusive to just one Project. I have free will and financial independence to come and go from any situation;

▌As a SL Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper I will be available for 2 hours (at most per day). Be aware that, exceeding the time stipulated in our agreement, additional fees will be charged of the L$ 500 per hour;

▌No refunds for missed days or hours (without notice) this is one of the clauses in my contract of employment that, you will be communicated in our 1st presentation interview;

▌The difference in you hiring my services is the quality of the service I offer you, commitment, knowledge with important tools and gadgets;

▌Your purchased item is for one avatar only (the one who hired me). Please do not ask me to send to ALTs or account blocked/in hold, after purchase;

▌If you want to make a negotiation according to your needs and that fits in your pocket, use the communication with me in the world. Let’s go together using common sense in advance and negotiate values with transparency and professionalism;

▌And last but not least, just a great reminder to all customers, you are contracting to provide a Service. That doesn’t give you the right to treat me any way you want. If by any understanding, this occurs, I am entitled to immediately revoke our contract;

▌Thanks for reading these notices and for your patience.

Budget – Provision of Services:

Professionalism and Dynamics!

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❝  – If you can not win, become a Legend ! ❞
RuPaul Andre Charles

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