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I consider myself someone who is learning how to make photos, find out my best angles of my camera. But, do not confuse this with a photos edited for hours changing the original quality of a product or place I’m posing.
But my posts have a marketing point to the information I get about new releases, updates, event openings, sales, and anything that can direct my followers a lot of respect and love for the art of fashion.
An authentic blog that doesn’t just want to be another number to earn free items. I want to show everyone that a man also understands fashion and have my space representing my Brazilian nation with great pride and professionalism.

Remember: I am (Tadeu Gartner) not currently partnering with any other site or blog partner. I have only one Official Avatar and unique Blog.
Any irregularities that are not, let me know, please!
So I can trigger the Copyright Law.

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Participated | Fashion Fairs & Events:
– Culture Shock
– Vintage Fair
– Masai Mara
– Hope For Emilia
– Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion
– One Voice
– Tolerance is the only way
– Project Earth Hour
– Relay For Life Fashion Fair
– Vanity Universe
– SL Sightsavers
– .the event.
– Men Only Hunt (MOH)
– The Glamourist/Fashionart
– Jewelry & Accessories Expo
– The Home and Garden Expo
– 49L Sale For Dudes
– SL Fashion Week
– Shoetopia
– The Style Icon Fashion Fair
– SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair
– Skin Fair
– Hair Fair
– Love is in the Air
– 50 Shades Of Lust Fair
– The Mens Dept (TMD)
– The Showroom
– The Liaison Collaborative
– On9, La Metallique Fair, L’accessoires
– Cosmopolitan Events
– The Mesh Body Addicts Fair
– BackTie – A Seraphim Event
– Men Only Monthly (MOM)
– GEN-neutral
– Festival of Sin II 2015
– Sir Monthly
– The 100 Block
– The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Man Cave Events
– U L T R A™ Event
– The Trunk Show
– The Secret Affair
– MATSUR 2017
– and much more …

– Be Happy In SL
– Daily Look SL
– Definite Second Life
– SL Fashion Directory
– SL Feed
– SL Feed Plus
– iheartsl
– Fashion Feed of SL
– Grid Syndicate
– I ♥ Blog Directory
– Virtual Fashion Feed
– Fashion in Pixels
– [SL] Blogger Support
– Blogging SL
– Male Fashion Feed
– Old London Docks
– SLUniverse Feed
– The Hottie Cooterati Experience
– Depraved Nation

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Blog since February 8th, 2012.

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BLOG ― Policy/Procedures/FAQ:

The Process for Review Policy and/or Rescission this blog is responsible for conducting a comprehensive review of their policies at a minimum of every 1 year or as required to stay current with applicable laws.

☰ Feel free to send me giftcard or credits in your Mainstore;

☰ I do not comment on New Products. If I don’t like quality, I feel entitled not to post to my Blog;

☰ I am not in partnership with any Avatar or other Blog.

☰ When hiring me as a blogger, please kindly send me a NOTECARD with Landmark (Mainstore/Event), your Logo (FULLperm) and all that pertains to detailed Publication;

☰ I’m not a SL Photographer and neither an expert in Adobe Photoshop;

☰ Consumers please do not bother me with messages to be your Tourist Guide;

☰ Style can be purchased but, essence of fashion not;

☰ Respect my work and you will be respected too;

☰ Due to the limitations of group space in Second Life – It may not be possible to have space to accept new groups. Although I can accept your new releases through a Subscriber or Blogotex;

☰ Remotely monitoring conversations, posting logs, sharing of photos and/or vídeo without consent are all prohibited. Read the rules TOS, TERMS and CONDITIONS;

All images contained on this web site are protected under the Copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed or published without the prior written permission of myself.

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It is extremely forbidden to copy this material. In case of infraction, will apply penalties under the laws of the penal code (articles 184-186) and in Law 961098. Questions, complaints, criticisms or suggestions?
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Copyright © 2009 – 2019 Tadeu Gartner (inSL) – All rights reserved.

“ ― The comment does not represent the opinion of this blog, it is the responsibility of the author of the message. ”

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